New Development-Vitamin C Palmitate


By consistent co-working with our partner, Yucheng has developed new product, Vitamin C Palmitate, also known as Ascorbyl Palmitate, to be applied in food, health and cosmetic industries. 

New Development-Vitamin C Palmitate


also known as Ascorbyl Palmitate, is an ester formed from ascorbic acid and palmitic acid creating a fat-soluble form of vitamin C. In addition to its use as a source of vitamin C, it is also used as an antioxidant food additive by WHO.


VC Palmitate is an efficient, safe and non-toxic fat-soluble antioxidant, which is difficult to dissolve in water and vegetable oil. The appearance is white or yellow white powder with slight citrus flavor.

Ascorbyl Palmitate, as fat soluble form of vitamin C, can reach tissue areas to fight against cell-damaging free radicals to protect the lipids from peroxidation. Used as antioxidant for others like oil, food and pharmaceutical products.

New Development-Vitamin C Palmitate

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