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Number of Employees 1-50 People
Annual sales US$5 Million - US$10 Million
Established in 2013


Who we are

Customers satisfaction is the integrated goal of Yucheng for every single request from you. Since its start, Yucheng has been engaged in providing chemical products and solutions for different industries. By both self-production and partnership cooperation, we've established comprehensive product and service network for the following areas.

What we do

Develop Food and Healthcare Products

BP/USP standard and GMP certified food and pharmaceutical ingredients are carefully chosen to satisfy your daily need. They are Ascorbyl Palmitate, Citric Acid, Zinc Lactate, Montmorillonite Clay, etc.


Create Critical Organic Intermediates

Served as critical ingredients for most chemical synthesis, these organic intermediates are strictly selected to help finish your production process successfully. Nitromethane, Dimethyl Sulphate, Ethyl Formate, etc. are popularly ones.


Focus Inorganic Chromium Salts

Chromium salts which are tremendously used in daily life products, like Chromic Acid for surface treatment, Sodium Dichromate for pigments and paints, Basic Chrome Sulphate for leather products, etc.


What we believe

We have a passion for win-win partnership with all customers by providing excellent products, superior services and being professional in our industries. Until now we have established business relationship with more than 100 customers all around the world. Our main markets are Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, North and South American.

Direct and timely responding is also what we committed to do so as to build effective relationship with customers without any delay. Flexible ways of communicating gives us advantages to response each questions from customers.

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